Speech Specialists provides individual assessment and treatment for children and consultation for parents and caregivers. We strongly encourage family members to participate in therapy sessions to help children carry their skills over into everyday life. We specialize in:

1Articulation disorders
Difficulty pronouncing individual sounds during speech such as “r”, “l”, or “s”.
2Augmentative communication
Implementing alternate methods of communication to express thoughts and desires. Common types of augmentative communication include sign language, picture symbol communication boards, and electronic devices.
3Expressive and receptive language delays/disorders
Difficulty understanding what is heard and expressing thoughts and desires with words. Examples may include limited vocabulary, difficulty following directions, or using incomplete sentences and inappropriate grammar.
4Fluency disorders
Disruptions in the flow or production of speech such as stuttering.
5Phonological disorders
Error patterns in speech that impact overall intelligibility. A common phonological error is substituting all sounds made in the back of the mouth with those sounds produced in the front of the mouth (e.g., saying “tan” for “can” or “dum” for “gum”).
6Reading comprehension and written language disorders
Difficulty processing, remembering, understanding, and retelling written material.
7Developmental disorders
Developmental disorders that effect communication and social skills. These may include autism spectrum disorders and Down Syndrome.
8Voice disorders
Irregularities in the way the voice sounds. Common voice disorders may be due to vocal nodules or polyps.