How Does It Work?



A free screening is available for parents concerned that their child may have a speech and/or language disorder. At this time, we will determine if your child’s speech/language skills are developing appropriately or if your child could benefit from a comprehensive assessment.



Your child’s speech, language and communication abilities will be assessed to determine if a communication problem exists. The assessment will determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses and identify goals for therapy. Parent interview, observation, and formal testing will be conducted. Informal assessment and play-based assessments may also be provided for very young children or those who are difficult to assess formally. The initial assessment is usually conducted in 1-2 sessions and lasts approximately 60 minutes.



Therapy sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of your child. During each session, your child will engage in games and activities that target specific communication goals. Therapy sessions are fun, and often your child will not even know he is working hard to learn new skills! Parents may observe and participate in therapy sessions and are encouraged to ask questions and practice skills with their child between appointments. The frequency and duration of each session will vary depending upon the individual needs of your child. However, sessions typically occur 1-3 times per week for 30 minutes each.


Consultation and Follow-Up

Consultation can be provided to educators and others in your child’s life to ensure that newly-learned skills are being carried over into everyday activities. Follow-up consultation is also available after your child has completed a program to address additional concerns and answer any related questions.