Corporate Speech Training

Corporate speech training involves assessment and training in many aspects of communication, such as enunciation, voice, language, hearing education and other services uniquely needed by the business world. These include presentation skills, professional diction and grammar, interviewing skills and even business communication etiquette. Sometimes we help companies communicate more effectively with their customers, such as by training customer representatives to work with their clients with hearing loss. Key topics may include:

  • Diaphragmatic breath for optimal pitch and resonance
  • Voice projection
  • Professional intonation
  • Perfecting vocal image
  • Turning speech anxiety into productive energy
  • Optimal rate of speech for persuasive communication
  • Relaxation strategies to decrease vocal and facial tension while speaking
  • Professional vocabulary, word choice and grammar
  • Diction training for clarity and proper pronunciation
  • Awareness and control over nonverbal cues during communication
  • General presence during communication (stance, eye contact, hand placement, posture)

Each program is customized to meet the needs of the client and cost varies accordingly.

We are happy to provide estimated costs based on the description of your needs.

Corporate and group discounts are available. On-site training is available.