Accent Modification

Accent Modification involves instruction to reduce a regional or foreign accent to communicate more effectively in corporate or social situations

Individuals who may benefit from accent modification training include: physicians, business executives, sales people, teachers, college students, computer programmers, nurses, telemarketers, reporters, engineers, receptionists, actors, and any other profession where communication is an integral part of an employee’s duties. We do not attempt to change one’s cultural heritage or completely eliminate one’s accent, but rather develop a method to improve one’s communication. Our goal is to provide our clients with more control over their accent, and give them the ability to alter it as the situation warrants.

Speech Specialists obtains an analysis of the client’s speech to determine the ways in which it varies from Standard American English. We set goals based on the results of our analysis. We teach the client basic sounds and principles of Standard American English and target specific sound modification techniques. We emphasize pronunciation, intonation, stress, rate, and voice projection.

Sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of the employer or client. As a general rule, individual programs can range from 4 to12 weekly sessions.

Intensive private tutoring is also available.

Instruction can occur at the client’s workplace

Materials are provided for the client to practice between sessions.

Free consultation and follow-up services are provided upon completion of the program to address any residual concerns or answer any questions.